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Increase Your Vehicle's Longevity With Regular Tune-Ups

Whether you are looking for a quick coolant flush or a complex CV axle repair, Car Tune Automotive & Sound, Inc. in Holiday, Florida, will provide your domestic or foreign vehicle with quality work. In addition to standard maintenance, we also sell and install deluxe audio systems.

Auto Maintenance

As a full-service auto shop, we can provide a full range of vehicle repairs and maintenance. We serve all parts of your car including:

Engines | Brakes | Cooling Systems | Suspension | Shocks and Struts | Axles | Batteries | Exhaust Systems | Tires | Transmissions

Repairs and Customizations

Whether you have a necessary repair or want a cosmetic improvement, our team offers exceptional work. We regularly provide services like:

Car and Truck Lowering | Computer Diagnostics | Tune-Ups | Alignments | Custom Air Suspension | Front End Repair

Checking Of Engine

Used Car Inspections

After you purchase a used vehicle, come in for our 35-point inspection. Our technicians will examine all aspects of your car to ensure that it is as good as the dealer said that it was.

Showroom and Waiting Area

Relax in our comfortable waiting area while we repair your vehicle or install a remarkable media system. We also have an audio showroom that shows the advantages of our favorite brands and systems.

Towing and Transportation

If you have an accident or need a ride to the repair shop, we will give you a ride to our location or anywhere in the area you need to go. In addition to towing, we offer local drop-off and pick-up services for all of our customers.

Mobile Video

Entertain yourself or your passengers with mobile video entertainment. Our drop-down television monitors start at $99.99. We offer a range of brands including:

Rosen | TView | Power Acoustik | Farenheit | BOSS | Planet Audio

Security Systems

Protect yourself with mobile security features including alarms, keyless entry, and remote starts. We install equipment from reputable companies like:

Compustar | Viper | Prestige | Hornet

Performance Accessories

Maximize your driving experience neon and LED lights or exceptional performance accessories. Our favorite additions come from companies like Arospeed, DC Sports, and Neuspeed. Currently, all of our neon lighting is 50% off.